Wall and Ceiling Racks

Adding storage space seamlessly to your garage.

Car Lifts PlusWall and Ceiling Racks
Overhead Ceiling Storage Racks are a great way to take advantage of the unused space on your garage ceiling.

You can gain up to 112 cubic feet of storage

Our racks have openings up to 8′ wide and a 45″ drop from your ceiling, as well as 800 Lbs of shelf capacity on our larger units.

Ceiling Storage Racks

Available in a variety of sizes and height adjustment ranges, our Overhead Storage Racks are the perfect solution to storing your less used, or seasonal items. You can use them to store camping gear, coolers, car top boxes, holiday decorations, plastic storage bins … anything you can think of and want to get out of the way.

We can even custom paint the racks to match the rest of your Car Lifts Plus Design. Our storage racks fit right in to your garage design, saving space and making the most of your space.

Wall Storage Racks

Car Lifts Plus Wall Racks are another great way to take advantage of unused space in your Garage. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and weight baring configurations, Wall Racks are great for use as strong, durable shelving.

With storage capacity of up to 150 pounds, you can free up floor space in your garage, workshop, shed, laundry room, basement … anywhere you want easy to reach, easy to use storage. Our Bin Storage units are a great way to store and organize plastic bins and totes and are designed to be mounted in pairs. The brackets on our Bin Storage Units are designed to allow multiple units to be installed side by side.

To get your no-obligation quote for the sale and installation of your own Storage Racks, contact the Professionals at Car Lifts Plus today.

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Looking for a new challenge in the home remodeling business, they discovered that there was a vast untapped market for areas of the home that seemed to lack great design. RJ and Starr are now bringing their decades of experience to residential and commercial clients nationwide.