Seamless Industrial Applications

Built to withstand heavy daily use in demanding applications.

Car Lifts PlusSeamless Industrial Applications
Polyaspartic Flooring is an excellent choice when looking for a tough, resilient and low-maintenance floor for your Industrial Space, Mechanical or Garage Space. Built to withstand heavy daily use with a coating that is impervious to fluids, grease, oil and other contaminants, Polyaspartic Flooring with hold up to the daily grind of Forklift Traffic, Shop Carts, Pallet Jacks … whatever you can throw at it.

Car Lifts Plus can install HP Poylaspartic Flooring in your space in as little as one day.

If your current floor resides at different heights, the thin-mil characteristics of the coating make it perfect for areas like this. HP Polyaspartic Flooring from Car Lifts Plus will provide you with years of great looking, low maintenance usage.

Contact the Professionals at Car Lifts Plus to find out how quickly and effortlessly we can install Polyaspartic Flooring in your Industrial, Garage or Mechanical space … anywhere. You can view some view some installation photos below and in our Media Gallery, and remember our team sells, installs and services in CT, NY, NJ, RI and MA.

This application of Polyaspartic Flooring called for a standard shop floor with a specialized zebra stripe pattern to define an area of the floor that forklifts travel across. This defined area gets heavy use throughout the workday and a previous spray-down Polyurea Coating did not hold up to the heavy usage and traffic. The Polyaspartic Flooring was chosen as a replacement for its high durability, rapid turn around time and thin-mil characteristics.

After cleaning and preparing the floor, the installers laid down a solid color base. Once dry the install team taped off and painted the white and black stripes. After the stripes were dry, the installation team painted the borders in a bright yellow to define the area. The final top clear coat was applied with a traction additive for added durability.

To find out about giving your space, a great HP Spartacote Polyaspartic Finish, Contact the Professionals at Car Lifts Plus.

Serving more than 3,000 residents throughout an area of 288 square miles, this Polyaspartic installation was in a newly constructed firehouse with a concrete floor. With a requirement for the flooring surface to withstand oil, gasoline and diesel fuel, harsh chemicals and the daily traffic that goes along with over 500 calls per year – Polyaspartic Flooring is the perfect choice for this location.

After ensuring the newly poured concrete floor was thoroughly dry and clean, the installation team installed a light-grey Polyaspartic Prime Coat. Once dry, twelve 40′ long Polyaspartic safety yellow stripes were laid down. These safety stripes help define the parking areas for the fire trucks as well as separate areas to organize fire safety gear and equipment.

Once the initial coats were dry, the area was again taped off for the installation of vinyl chips. The last stage included a high-gloss top coat, providing the superior hot-tire, chemical and abrasion resistance.

To find out about giving your space, a great HP Spartacote Polyaspartic Finish, Contact the Professionals at Car Lifts Plus.

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