PVC Flooring

Durable, long lasting, and aesthetically pleasing floor.

Car Lifts PlusPVC Flooring
Car Lifts Plus provides and installs many types of flooring solutions designed to provide you with a durable, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing floor.

One of our most popular flooring options is PVC Flooring.

Our line of PVC flooring is designed to hold up to lite-duty chemicals,such as salt, oil, dirt, and grease – and should a tile become damaged, there is no need to replace the entire floor! Replacement is incredibly simple and takes very little time or effort, unlike a polypropylene (plastic) tile system.

Our flooring systems are great for:

  • Your home – in the garage, the basement, your workshop or shed
  • Your business – as a durable, stylish, long-lasting flooring solution
  • Your warehouse or backroom – they are perfect for storage areas, as they are easy to clean and replace if needed.

Our PVC flooring is more comfortable and forgiving underfoot, yet when installed in an environment where they will be under stress of vehicles (cars, forklifts, etc), they stand up better to vehicular traffic that other oured or plastic materials. When you choose PVC Flooring you’ll be satisfied with your choice of a system that is comfortable for daily foot traffic, yet tough enough to drive on.

Designed for ease of installation in mind, our flooring systems can be configured to fit any space. Car Lifts Plus PVC Flooring can even be installed over cracked, uneven, stained, or flawed surfaces. As our flooring system requires no glue, epoxy, or adhesives – it can even be removed and installed into another location.

Another advantage to Car Lifts Plus PVC flooring is that it’s a “Green” Product that is made from recycled materials. Car Lifts Plus seeks out high quality PVC flooring options that are beautiful to look at, tough and durable and are also engineered for everyday use.

Our PVC flooring has patent-pending Air-Dry technology. This is especially important when installed in areas that may get wet or are subject to damp conditions. With Air-Dry Technology, your flooring will be able to breathe, allowing moisture to weep away and for air to flow underneath tiles and border trim. This is great for a garage, basement, shed or even storage area that gets hosed down as musty smells can’t accumulate and breed bacteria and mold.

Our PVC flooring also includes different design options:

  • Raised Coin
  • Raised Diamond
  • Sport Mat
  • Ventilated Drainage Design

Contact the professionals at Car Lifts Plus today to get a no-obligation quote for PVC flooring in your space!

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Company Profile

After spending decades in the home and commercial construction and project management business, RJ and Starr founded Car Lifts Plus.

Looking for a new challenge in the home remodeling business, they discovered that there was a vast untapped market for areas of the home that seemed to lack great design. RJ and Starr are now bringing their decades of experience to residential and commercial clients nationwide.