Premium PVC Flooring

Durable material with virtually unlimited creative potential.

Car Lifts PlusPremium PVC Flooring
It not only contains more premium material per square inch, it is also injection-molded for strength and durability.

Premium PVC is a premium grade, heavy-duty product.

This helps to prevents chips, cracks, shifting, loosening, splitting, or deflection under heavy stationary or rolling loads. As a water-tight design makes, it’s ideal for covering contaminated, uncured concrete or moisture problem subfloors.

Our flooring systems are great for:

  • Your home – in the garage, the basement, your workshop or shed
  • Your business – as a durable, stylish, long-lasting flooring solution
  • Your warehouse or backroom – they are perfect for storage areas, as they are easy to clean and replace if needed.

The stylish appearance and textures of Premium PVC Flooring adapt to a broad range of applications. They are perfect for garage floors, basements, workshops and sheds in a residential location. Premium PVC Flooring is also a great solution for commercial spaces, aviation hangers, industrial, institutional, and consumer locations. Premium PVC high-density surface reduces humidity and repels dirt and dust to keep your space cleaner.

When you design a space with Premium PVC Flooring, your creative potential is virtually unlimited. Available in three surface patterns and 12-plus colors, Premium PVC Flooring can be mixed and matched to create any design you can dream of.With quick installation times, typically in only a few short hours, our team of Professional Instsallers can cover cracks, stains, and uneven floors to transform your old space into something new.

Premium PVC tiles remain locked tight until you intentionally lift the edges to disassemble the floor. It will not chip, crack, shift, loosen, split, or deflect under heavy stationary or rolling loads.

Our Premium PVC flooring also includes many options:

Every tile is available in any one of a dozen optional colors, including:

  • White
  • Canvas
  • Taupe
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Teal
  • Blue
  • Light Gray
  • Dark Gray
  • Black

The pattern options for the Premium PVC Flooring includes a Smooth pattern, a Stud pattern, and a Marquis pattern. When designing your floor layout, you may select the pattern and color scheme most appropriate to fit your space and unique style.


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