Our contracting and construction services are available in CT, NY, NJ, MA, RI, FL, and Nationwide.

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Car Lifts Plus, LLC is a registered home improvement contractor in Connecticut. Our contracting and construction services are available in CT, NY, NJ, MA, RI, FL, and Nationwide. Since 1999 RJ & Starr Lorenzi have designed and constructed dozens of custom homes and commercial structures in our area. We begin the process with a basic design which we draw with the aid of a CAD System (computer assisted design). When final plans are prepared they are put out to bid with the finest group of suppliers and subcontractors available. A final price quotation is submitted for the clients review, design and specification adjustments are made, contracts are signed and the building activity commences. Projects ranging from raising the ceiling in a garage to building a custom home are well within the ability of our team. RJ is a licensed real estate broker in Connecticut and Florida which may save you money while purchasing or selling properties. References available upon request.


The general rule of thumb for determining whether or not a lift will accommodate your car storage needs is to measure both vehicles and add 12”. That total number of inches must be available between the slab and ceiling. Well, maybe not! Assuming you do not have living space over your garage we can raise the ceiling. If your roof is supported by engineered trusses raising the ceiling is still viable. Under any scenario we need a professional engineer to design the new structural system. Once the permits are issued the construction commences with removal of the drywall ceiling and rebuilding the rafters or trusses, one by one, while in place. After inspection by the building department drywall is applied and the lift is installed. If you have living quarters over your garage another solution may work. That being a sub-surface lift. Yes, it’s extremely expensive but it provides the necessary requirements.


You have a two or three car garage attached to your home, limited ceiling height and living space over….. BUILD ANOTHER GARAGE! Two major considerations quickly come to mind. #1, do I have enough real estate, #2, will this investment enhance the value of my home. To answer the first we’ll need a civil engineer and a copy of your site plan, which is available at town hall. Assuming a positive opinion by the engineer a design is developed, CAD drawings prepared and bids obtained. To answer the second concern several issues come into play. Will the new garage be attractive, will it contain an apartment over the garage space, and is it located in front or in back of your property. Most buyers will appreciate this attractive feature to your home and your investment will be well spent. In today’s environment garages have become a focus of buyers and a well appointed one is a great asset.


OK, your garage ceiling is too low and you have no room for a new garage. Sell what you have and build a new home. Examine your current home carefully and make a list of the things you would change if you were to design and build a new home. Long list, right? We’ll list your home with the MLS (multiple listing service) for a drastically reduced rate and save even more when purchasing a new building lot. Our design experience will surely help develop a plan and Starr’s interior design talents are exemplarily after being schooled at Parson’s School of Interior Design in New York City. Should you desire to involve a licensed architect we recommend Leigh Overland with offices in Westport & Danbury. Danbury, but this is your decision. Other trained professionals have proven their worth over the past several years and are available to assist us.


Daily, on-site, management will be provided. Coordinating professionals, suppliers and sub-contractors, extending advance notice is an art form. We pride ourselves in getting the job completed in a timely manner. A well coordinated job conserves considerable dollars; saving construction loan interest, duration of temporary housing and change orders based on ill prepared managers. With our customer making important decisions within outlined time restraints a custom home should have a “certificate of occupancy” issued within 5 months from the day that the foundation is dug, a simple garage in half of that time. Just a few years ago we designed and reconstructed a burned out home in Bethel within 60 days. We moved into our personal 4200 square foot residence in 4 months. It’s all about preparedness, coordination and utilizing capable sub-contractors.


Unless you happen to be a lottery winner you probably have a budget for any project you may consider, whether that be raising the ceiling in your existing garage or building a new home. During the planning stages we’ll help you establish realistic allowances for items such as; kitchen cabinets, appliances, bathroom fixtures, floor coverings, etc. And, we’ll direct you to the proper suppliers who can meet your budget. Should you perhaps and exceed your budget in any given category, we’ll desperately search for some savings in another area to compensate your indulgence and keep the final cost intact.


They don’t have to be ugly! Although, a basic steel building can be extremely cost effective and a very quick solution to any storage problem, you’ll most likely locate it a considerable distance from your home. While building in Florida we constructed several of these inexpensive structures in all levels of finish. Some were just plain warehouses, some had offices within and they all went up very fast. Take a tour at for a surprising review of their portfolio.


As a courtesy to our neighbors and friends we are happy to share names and numbers of proven contractors who can help you with any problem you may be experiencing in your home. We know excellent tradesmen who provide resolutions through outstanding service.

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After spending decades in the home and commercial construction and project management business, RJ and Starr founded Car Lifts Plus.

Looking for a new challenge in the home remodeling business, they discovered that there was a vast untapped market for areas of the home that seemed to lack great design. RJ and Starr are now bringing their decades of experience to residential and commercial clients nationwide.