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The perfect tool for shops that want to keep as much work “in-house” as possible.

Car Lifts PlusBrake Lathe
The Car Lifts Plus BL-1500, combination drum/disc brake lathe from Starr Equipment, is the perfect tool for garage’s, workshops and even race shops that want to keep as much work “in-house” as possible.

With the BL-1500 there is no need to send brake work out to another shop.

Featuring twin cutter tools, quick drum-to-disc change, infinitely variable spindle feed speed, three spindle speeds for smooth, fine and super fine finishes and two optional truck adapter kits the BL-15000 Combination Brake Lathe will help to make your shop more independent and profitable.

Some features of the BL-1500 includes:

  • Usability for both drum and disc brakes
  • Twin cutter tools
  • Variable finishes from smooth to super fine
  • Designed to machine drums and discs for most cars and light trucks
  • Supports drum or discs up to 88 lbs with standard arbor
  • Supports drum and discs up to 176 lbs with optional arbor
  • Handles drums with diameters from 6″ and discs from 7″ to 13″
  The BL-1500 Combination Brake Lathe is a very versatile tool that would make a great addition to any garage. To find out more about this, and the other great tools and garage gear we offer at Car Lifts Plus, contact one of our Professionals today for a free No-Obligation Quote

Remember we sell, service and install in CT, NY, NJ, RI and MA.

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After spending decades in the home and commercial construction and project management business, RJ and Starr founded Car Lifts Plus.

Looking for a new challenge in the home remodeling business, they discovered that there was a vast untapped market for areas of the home that seemed to lack great design. RJ and Starr are now bringing their decades of experience to residential and commercial clients nationwide.