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Lifting Expectations for Over 20 Years

Car Lifts

Car Lifts Plus offers a full line of hydraulic car lifts, truck lifts, motorcycle and specialty lifts for your home garage, workshop, commercial or industrial space from manufacturers like Bendpak, Starr Equipment and more. Our options include One Post Lifts, 2 Post Lifts and 4 Post Lifts, heavy duty lifts, motorcycle lifts, boat lifts, lawn tractor lifts and much more for your home garage, workshop, commercial space, backyard shed and more.

Careful measurements are taken, matching the perfect lift to fit your needs. Our certified, professional installers assemble and install, single, two, four post or double wide lifts and Voila – a two car garage turns into a four, a three into a six and overnight!  There are also features to make sure the hydraulic lifts are operated by authorized family members only.  Proper training, hands on instruction, garage doors, proper electrical wiring and future maintenance are all inclusive.  Lifts are also available for boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles, lawnmowers, custom colors, plus custom lifts for motor homes, etc.

We offer a wide variety of Car Lifts including:

  • Single Post Lifts for garages where space is at a premium
  • Two Post Lifts offering both drive on lifts and lifts with adjustable arms
  • Four Post Lifts including a 2 car buddy lift. (4 post lift that supports 2 cars)
  • Specialty Lifts including lifts for motorcycles, lawn tractors, power boats and more.

Single Post Lifts

Our Single Post Lifts are popular for areas where space is at a Premium, making our Single Post Lift the perfect solution. This style of lift allows you to store 2 cars in the space of one, and still have underside access to the upper car – providing many benefits of the larger lifts without the size.

Two Post Car Lifts

Two Post Car Lifts are popular with our customers that want more access to the underside of their vehicles. Our Two Post Lifts offer nearly unencumbered access to the entire underside of the lifted vehicle, while still allowing you to park a second car underneath.

Two Post Car Maintenance Lifts

Two Post Maintenance Lifts are popular with our customers that want the most access to the underside of their lifted vehicles. The Two Post Maintenance Lift is not a drive-on lift, it uses four adjustable arms to ensure you can align the lift with the proper lift points on your vehicle.

Four Post Car Lifts

This is a car enthusiast’s dream come true. Lifts one car over the other, and is great for service too. Our Four Post Car Lifts are our most flexible lifts, offering accessories such as optional casters which let you move the lift around, making it portable right within your own space.

Two Car Buddy Lifts

The Buddy Car Lift is a great way to store 4 cars in the space of two using a single four post lift. The Buddy Lift allows you access to the undersides of the cars above. The perfect solution to store your daily drivers and your weekend sports cars in a single 2 car garage.

Motorcycle Lifts

Our specialty line of Motorcycle Lifts are also perfect for your ATV, Snowmobile and Jet Ski. With lifting capacity from 1,000 to 1,500 pounds, an extra large platform and optional accessories to customize your lift, our specialty table lifts are perfect for every location.

Lawn Tractor Lifts

We offer a variety of lifts for your lawn tractor and yard maintenance equipment. Our Lawn Tractor lifts run on 100 volts, provide up to 58″ of under platform clearance, lifting capacities of up to 2,000 pounds, a minimum space footprint, and a removable aluminum platform.

Boat Lifts

If you have a towable boat, you know how inconvenient storage can be. With our line of Boat Lifts, you can easily store your powerboat, fishing boat or even more than one boat easily and safely out of the way. We offer lifts in a variety of sizes and weight ratings to fit every need.

We install and service car lifts in CT, NY, NJ, RI, MA, and Nationwide

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